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Zoom - A Videoconferencing App

Zoom is a videoconferencing app that lets you share your screen, conduct audio and video calls, and make hand gestures. The app also has a number of features to improve your productivity.

It also has an excellent whiteboard feature. It allows you to create diagrams, images, sticky notes, and more. It is easy to use. It can even be used on mobile devices.

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You can sign up for a free account on the Zoom website. Once you’ve done this, you can start a meeting by clicking “Meetings” then “Start a Meeting.” You can also enter a Meeting ID to join an existing meeting. The app will give you the option to edit your meeting settings or copy the link to send to participants.

A free account comes with unlimited, 40-minute Zoom meetings. You can also record your meetings to MP4 files, allowing you to access them later on. The recorded meetings will be available in the “My Recordings” tab of your Zoom account.

The free plan is a good choice for small businesses or individuals who want to try Zoom before making a decision to invest in a paid subscription. However, the lack of a feature for longer video conference calls is a drawback. If you need to have a meeting that lasts more than 40 minutes, you will need to use another bridge and restart the timer, which can be inconvenient.

One of the key advantages of Zoom is its impressively high call capacity. You can have up to 500 people on a Zoom call at the same time, which is considerably more than any other competitor. However, if you’re planning on using Zoom for large company meetings, it’s best to opt for the upgraded features, which come at an extra cost.

A few years ago, the company ran into controversy over its use of servers located in China. The issue was resolved, and Zoom now offers paying customers the option to control through which countries their meetings are routed. Zoom also has tools to protect your privacy and prevent unauthorized recordings.

While most of the features in Zoom are necessary for business users, some are a little more fun. These include video filters, virtual backgrounds, Touch Up My Appearance (to make you look a bit more presentable during a video conference), integration with game apps, and an avatar feature that lets you replace your head with a cartoon animal (beta).

The app’s minimalistic interface makes it easy to navigate. You’ll find controls to turn your microphone and camera on or off, as well as tabs for security, participants, chat, share screen, record, breakout rooms, and more. It is important to familiarize yourself with these options before you hold a meeting to avoid any issues.

Zoom also has a community forum and 24/7 support for users with at least the Pro tier of service. Depending on the tier, this could be via phone or web. If you are a large company with an IT department, you can also purchase additional support services to ensure your team has the right expertise to troubleshoot problems or get trained on new features.

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Zoom - A Videoconferencing App

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Zoom is a videoconferencing app that lets you share your screen, conduct audio and video calls, and make hand gestures. The app also has a number of features to improve your productivity. It also has an excellent whiteboard feature.

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